HiPP Porridges & Cereals Add On Option
Holle Porridges & Cereals Add On Option

Holle Organic Yogurt Pouches Add On Option 10 pack


These items can be ordered with formula ONLY unless you purchase Cereals&Pouches for $150+

(except Kendamil/Hipp UK/ Nannycare)

1.) Holle Mango Monkey, 8+ months

Ingredients: mango puree, yogurt, starch lemon juice concentrate

2.) Holle Fruity Fox, 8+ months

Ingredients: yogurt, apple puree, banana puree, strawberry puree, blackberry puree, redcurrant puree, Sarah, lemon juice concentrate

3.) Holle Tasty Turtle, 8+ months

Ingredients: apple puree, yogurt, pear puree, wholegrain rice flour, lemon juice concentrate